Offset Lithography… Flat. Commonly known as offset printing. This is a basic process used for printing; 4-color process, photographs, large solids, multiple color images/logos, and mass printing. Soy-based and low VOC inks are available upon request. Combine offset lithography with another process for a more impactful piece.


Engraving… Raised. The look and feel of engraving is unrivaled in communicating quality and precision, permanence and stability. Our engraving inks are 100% water-based making engraving one of the most environmentally friendly printing process!


Foil Stamping… Lustrous. Foils are available in metallics, pigments, gloss and matte finishes. Combine foil stamping with embossing adding dimension to your design.


Embossing/Debossing… 3-D. With heat and tons of pressure embossing sculpts (reconfigures) the paper. Embossing is a convex image where debossing is a concave image. Elevate your design by adding embossing to another print process. Or print BLIND no ink, just paper!


Thermography… Raised (Shines). Thermography is primarily specified for business cards and social stationery. Use caution if running through a laser printer.


Die Cutting… Paper is custom cut to your design specification. Customize your stationery, pocket folders, presentation/report covers, invitations, announcement, envelopes… Cutting paper doesn’t have to be a straight line. Request samples for a clearer definition.