BIGGIE - What is the #1 thing to know when rebranding/branding your company?

Your Budget!

Q. What is the biggest cause of exceeding a budget?

A. Design. Design is very important for any company brand. Be sure your designer is aware of your PRINT budget while designing. We can help! Contact one of our brand management partners for assistance.


Q. What is the difference between engraving and embossing?

A. An Engraved image is achieved with opaque ink that sits on the surface of the paper. An embossed image is created by sculpting the paper.


Q. What is PCW?

A. Post Consumer Water, is waste paper materials recovered after being used by consumers and recycled into a new sheet of paper product.


Q. How do I get a quote to produce our stationery/marketing materials?

A. Contact one of our brand management partners. You will need to know the following: Design specs, products, quantities, print processes, number of ink colors & paper.